Topic: Free KNOWN ADV Prop 1 & 2

Hi, here a proposal for the WAGAC GLIDER ADVANCED Free Known 2017, what do you think of it?

openaero: (0,4) "@A" 2a2- 3% "@B" -```````````rc22+`````````` (0,5) ``+ita```+```` `` "@D" 2t.'4 "@C" `h4 "@E" o1 (-1,5) 2j 1 2rdb+````` (-1,8) m2

and another one here with a different ending, simpler:

(0,4) "@A" 2a2- 3% "@B" -```````````rc22+`````````` (0,5) ``+ita```+```` `` "@D" 2t.'4 "@C" `h4 "@E" o1 b`4'' j> 22 m2

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I do rides and teach Aerobatics at the Seminole Lake Gliderport, Clermont, FL. Open all year! (352) 630-9345