Topic: Free KNOWN UNL 2017 proposal 1 & 2

Hi there this is the first idea that came up to me, any ideas, opinions, suggestions, advise?

openaero sequence:
1,1 "@C" `c'4,3if`` (8,14) "@B" of "@A" 4b.3f..' q2- "@E" -h.'- -2 1jo1 "@D" /.',4ta 22

or better!!!
1,1 "@C" `c'4,3if`` (8,14) "@B" of "@A" 4b.3f..' (0,0) "@D" ```+.4ta+```` 1jo1> 2- "@E" -h..- -.'2,22++ m2if

feel free to post your comments, please!

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