1) Help other pilots to easily find your posts by giving a descriptive good title to your discussions i.e.: "How to make a good rolling turn with the Swift" or "Best way to teach rolls with the ASK21". An attractive title will get more answers. 2) Our nature as pilots and CFIs is to be always better, so we help each other, we don't mind if something is not perfect yet, we suggest how to do it better. So if you find a post or a reply that requires additional attention, please be gentle and give your contribution. 3) The competition here is not to show who's the best pilot of the world, but who is the best in giving polite and useful answers. A first place doesn't make you the better pilot of the world, just the best competitor. People read what you say and how, which is also who you would like to be. We all have a big Ego, so give space to other's Ego too and treat others how you would like to be treated. Feel free to mention your Aerobatic School or your Club in your signature.